Christopher’s Review of “Peace Talks” by Jim Butcher

By: Christopher Bartlett

When Jim Butcher originally started writing Peace Talks, it was meant to be a self-contained book. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, it ended up turning out like a two-part episode of a television show. Peace Talks being part one of the episode. Even this late in the series, Butcher manages to keep the Sam Spade feel of Dresden, even as things grow proportionately in size and scale. The reader still knows the core of Dresden, even as he continues to grow as a character. At the same time, Butcher keeps the secondary characters growing right alongside Dresden at a steady pace.

You will keep wanting to turn the pages without feeling like the pace of the book is rushing at all. While the pace stays steady, Butcher skillfully makes you feel the sense of urgency at the same time. And if you were unfortunate enough to read it before the next one was out you were left in limbo as to what will happen next.

Butcher doesn’t write in the way most writers are taught, in the sense of kill your darlings. He has a tendency to write more like a comic book writer, seeing how much he can abuse Dresden with him still coming out as much an average human as any wizard can be.

It should be obvious as one is reading this that Jim Butcher doesn’t disappoint at all with this installment of The Dresden Files. He keeps surprising and impressing with each new book. It is no wonder he is one of the most sought after writers for fantasy and urban fantasy panels.

I give Peace Talks by Jim Butcher 5 out of 5 bookmarks. If you are a fan of Sam Spade type novels or even just a bit curious about urban fantasy, or even mythology, this is a must read. As for me, I am off to start reading the sequel.

Tips his hat and walks out the door headed toward the local bookstore.

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