Heather’s Review of “Fake Dating the Hometown Deputy” by Maggie Dallen

By: Heather Dowell

*Originally posted on Heather’s blog.

What’s the use of being gorgeous and successful if everyone in your hometown still sees you as the ugly nerd? Well, not everyone. One guy has noticed that she’s all grown up…

Coming home has never been so humiliating… 

Years of perfecting her look, her attitude, her style, and it’s all led to this. Vanessa Shea is back in Cyrano to teach her old schoolmates a thing or two about the ugly duckling who ran away from this town and never looked back.

Only problem? Being back makes her feel like she’s never left. She’s Loch Ness Monster once more and no one will let her live it down. 

No one except Deputy Trent Arnolds.

Of course, that’s probably because he doesn’t recognize her…or remember her. Nope. Nothing mortifying about that.

Her high school’s Prince Charming Star Quarterback All-Around Hero had never once noticed a poor schlub like her in the old days, so why would he pay attention now?

But now he needs her help as he runs for sheriff, and, honestly…how can she say no to the hometown hottie? Besides, the deputy is too good and honest to do what needs to be done. That’s why he needs her…as his fake girlfriend, obviously.


This book is all about moving on from the past and being confident in who you are. She wants to be a city girl. He can’t leave his family. But the both have lessons to learn from each other, and learning them may cause their picture of a perfect life to shift.

I really enjoyed the fake dating in this one, and I loved how sweet the deputy was.

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