Heather’s Review of “Tomboys Don’t Love Christmas” by Christina Benjamin

By: Heather Dowell

*Originally posted on Heather’s blog.

Hometown heroes trapped under the mistletoe . . . what could go wrong?

Your ‘presents’ is requested at Champs, for the infamous Northwood High Mistletoe Mixer.
There will be hot cocoa, Christmas Carol-oke and all your favorite Tomboys.

The snuggle is real as Alex, Casey, Marissa, Nicole and their swoon-worthy boys return home from college to catch up at their annual Christmas Eve party.

From the outside it seems they’re all living the dream, but when a snowstorm traps the crew at Champs everyone starts feeling a little ‘Claus-trophobic’ and secrets are revealed. Could it be some of our lovebirds are holding on for ‘deer’ life?

Sleigh, it isn’t so!

With more than one romance on thin ice, it quickly becomes apparent the only way to save Christmas is for the Tomboys to join forces again to pull off some Mistletoe Miracles. They form a surprising alliance with Lexy, the queen of resting Grinch-face herself. Has love finally thawed the mean queen’s icy heart or is she up to snow good?

Find out who’s singing “All the jingle ladies”, who’s “Sleigh-in It” and who’s suffering from “Love at frost sight.”

Buckle up for a night of snow much fun!

A sweet stand-alone high school Christmas sports romance.


All of the characters from the various tomboy books make an appearance in this novel. Some couples are on the rocks while other relationships are thriving, but everyone wants to enjoy Christmas Eve at Champs. Unfortunately it’s hard to keep emotions at bay and just enjoy the company of friends.

Alex doesn’t know how to tell her fiance that she doesn’t want a big wedding period he doesn’t know how to tell her that he’s been offered a spot in the MLB training starts the day of their wedding. Casey and Lucas don’t want anyone to know they’ve broken up. Nicole is worried something bad may have happened to Ian since he was supposed to call her as soon as his flight landed. Chelsea is healing from a bad breakup. and Chris finds a girl he might finally be interested in for more than a makeup session but can’t go after her because he’s made a deal to not flirt with anyone while his sister is worried about Ian.

Marissa, ever the perceptive one of the group, decides this can’t stand. Though she has no idea what’s going on with each of the couples, she wants to bring some mistletoe magic to their Christmas Eve party. Luckily, her boyfriend of the year, Archer is up for the challenge of helping her. By forcing the other couples to confront their issues they solidify bonds and bring the night more joy. Even old enemies get a bit of redemption by the end.

Overall, this was a nice throwback to the original books about each couple. There is struggle and laughter and lots of kissing. One of my favorite relationships to watch was a very new one that hadn’t been explored in previous books, mainly because the characters didn’t know each other existed. But now I could read a whole book about them. and the most exciting part is the hint at the very end that says we will be returning to champs next Christmas Eve. I’m betting for that book will get to see characters from the dangers of dating a diva series. We did catch a glimpse of Lola in this one, and I would like to see the rest of the group at champs though not all of them attended the same High School.

In the meantime I want to read Alex and Casey’s novels since I sort of worked my way backwards through the series and haven’t gotten to them yet. This story could be read as a standalone however because the characters are so intertwined it makes a lot more sense to just read the series in order. romances are supposed to end with happy endings so we know all of the couples will wind up together, but reading the original stories helps you to understand how the characters got together and makes this book even more special when we see that those relationships do have struggles even after the original happy endings but that relationships worth having can last.

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