Cait’s Review of “Worst Neighbor Ever” by Rachel John

By: Cait Marie


Which one is the worst neighbor ever? It might be a toss up.

Melissa… Connor Harwood is a snoop, a bad neighbor, and a tree and grass killer. Oh, and probably a criminal. I can’t forget that part. The fact that I find him to be the handsomest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on is completely irrelevant. I’ll just have to keep a close watch while also ignoring his very existence. I can do both, right?

Connor… Melissa Cooke is way more than I can handle right now, and most likely stalker material. I have to remember that. I will not be taken in by the way she looks in her elephant-print pajama pants while holding her little excitable dog. I will not…go…over…there.


This is a prequel novella to the Sworn to Loathe You series, which can be read on its own. I will be honest, I don’t read a whole lot of short stories and novellas because I always ended up wanting a longer story. I loved the first book in the series though, and these characters were in it, so I really wanted to know their story.

It did not disappoint. If you like short stories, or just want something quick and fun to read, this is a good one. I really enjoyed it!

I do wish it had been longer. Like I said, I prefer longer books usually, but this definitely served its purpose of telling their little backstory.

For being such a short story, the characters still felt well developed. The enemies-to-lovers trope mixed with the neighbor trope was great. I loved seeing them grow into friends and then more. I listened to the audiobook, which was well done, sucking me right in from the beginning. I finished it in one sitting, and not just because it was short. Overall, I just really loved it.

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