Cait’s Review for “Tied Up In You” by Erin Fletcher

By: Cait Marie


Everyone says hotshot goalie Luke Jackson is God’s gift to girls, but the only girl he wants is his best friend, Malina Hall. He’s always known how brilliant she is, but now that he’s “accidentally” kissed her, he can’t stop thinking about her…or wanting to kiss her again.

Problem is, things have been a little…awkward since the kiss. Because she likes him, too? Hopefully, but even if she did, their futures—and the ridiculous schedules that come with them—are in the way. And now one of his teammates is showing interest, and the guy has more in common with Malina than Jackson ever will.

As her best friend, Jackson should get out of the way. But if there’s one thing he’s learned from hockey, it’s that you have to go for what you want, even if it means falling flat on your face. And he’s definitely falling for Malina.


This book was absolutely adorable! I think I liked it even more than the first one.

Malina and Jackson are best friends, but after an adrenaline-induced, “accidental” kiss, things begin to shift. Their friendship is strained due to their denial of their feelings. It doesn’t take long though for them to realize it.

One of my favorite tropes of all time is when characters are angry and yelling at each other, and mid-argument admit their feelings and start kissing. And this book has the perfect example of it! I’m 31 years old but was grinning like an idiot the whole time. It was just so cute!

This was a quick, easy read, or rather, listen since it was an audiobook. It sucked me right in, and I had trouble stopping. I really wish there were more books in this series, to be super honest. They’re light and fun but are still full of heart. I truly enjoyed them!

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