Stephanie’s Review of “The First Holidays” by Cait Marie

By: Stephanie Wyatt

This is a short story sequel to The Last Summer. It can be read alone, but it does lead into the events of The Final Chance. I love this because it was a quick read, and I was able to catch up with all of my favorite characters.

My favorite aspect of Cait’s romance books is I feel like she always has at least a line or two about characters in other books, so you are never left wondering about people. However, you still have enough room to imagine what life is like for them now.

Another aspect I appreciate is how relatable the characters are in the books. You really feel like these have been people you actually know and can be friends with in real life.

The book takes place over the Summerville friends’ first holiday break after their first semester at college. You have different sections from everyone’s point of view, and their voices are distinct so you are always sure who you are reading about.

I also appreciated the variety of holidays celebrated in this book. Gavin’s family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. I feel like this trend is changing for the better, but it’s nice to see other holidays being represented besides Christmas.

I love these characters so much. I was excited to get to see more of Beth Ann and Dylan in this book, and it made me want to read their book so that I could finish their story. I hope these books never end because I could keep reading about the different characters forever.

Overall, this book is a quick read, and I feel like it has a little bit of something for everyone. You should pick it up if you are feeling nostalgic for college or the holidays. You will not regret it.

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