Cait’s Review of “Fate Touched” by Becky Moynihan

By: Cait Marie


The world’s fate rests in her hands . . .

My soulmate has been taken from me, and I’ll do anything to get him back. 

Even kill. 

But finding him proves to be harder than I thought. And dangerous. Even with Lochlan’s brother by my side, rogues continue to target me.

Despite the growing peril, the race is on to break the curse, and my only hope is to locate Lochlan before it becomes permanent. If that happens, there will be no saving the world from its destructive fate.

FATE TOUCHED is the thrilling conclusion to this steamy upper YA/NA paranormal vampire romance series. If you like fated mates and forbidden romance, heartrending twists, a tough heroine, and a sexy antihero, this book is for you.


I honestly don’t know how to review this book… Because it was the third book in an incredible trilogy!

As mentioned in my reviews of the first two books, it had been a really long time since I read a vampire story, or any paranormal romance, for that matter. This fully re-sparked that interest, and now I want to read all of them!

Except, I have a book hangover and don’t know what to read next because I can’t stop thinking about this series.

This final book was intense and brought all the pieces together really well. There were multiple twists and turns throughout, making it impossible to put it down. Right when I thought I had things figured out, something major would happen to throw me in the opposite direction. It kept me intrigued all the way through even the epilogue.

I really loved how this story came together. Kenna and Lochlan are everything. (Please note, this book has spicy scenes. It is marked upper YA/NA for a reason.) It was well written, like all of Moynihan’s books.

AND there’s going to be a spin-off book about two of the side characters, so I’m super excited about that.

Moynihan did not disappoint with this series. Once again, she’s blown me away. This just further cemented her spot on my favorite authors list. Now, I need to go read her co-written series, Genesis Crystal Saga, which I conveniently already have on my shelf.

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