Cait’s Review of “Curse Touched” by Becky Moynihan

By: Cait Marie

Read my review of book one, Shadow Touched, here.


There’s no escaping a curse . . .

The last thing I expect is for my aunt to kidnap, then abandon me. I’m desperate for answers, especially as to the condition of Lochlan D’angelo, my stalker turned protector.

Problem is, I’m still shaken over learning his true identity. I question everything he ever told me, including the realness of the supposed bond between us.

Stuck at a supernatural school in the middle of nowhere, I’m forced to make a decision: stay at the academy where it’s safe, or help the vampires break their curse.

But as a dark foretelling arises and mysteries about my past unfold, all I want to do is escape.

CURSE TOUCHED is the pulse-pounding second installment in a steamy upper YA/NA paranormal vampire romance series. If you like fated mates and forbidden romance, heartrending twists, a tough heroine, and a sexy antihero, this book is for you.


I said in my review of the first book that it reminded me of why I’d loved paranormal romance so much growing up. Well, this sequel just further cemented that. It’s completely reignited that interest, and now I want to read all the paranormal romance books!

Curse Touched picked up right after the first book, with McKenna “kidnapped.” However, when it turns out she was actually just brought to an academy full of witches, she realizes she might finally start getting answers. She does, but things quickly go off the rails.

Where the first book was very much the high school vampire book, with the girl finding out she lives in a world where supernatural characters are real, this one was a lot more action packed. We got to see more of the bigger picture and really get into the heart of the story. There was a lot of development as we learn more about the characters, the curse, and Kenna’s role in all of it.

There’s also a lot of tension between her and Lochlan as they figure out what their relationship is. She wants to hate him but can’t. The chemistry between them is so strong. I absolutely loved it. Just a reminder, this book is not YA. Things do get a bit spicier and detailed in the romance department.

That being said, it still has the writing style and pacing found in YA books, which I love. It’s perfect for those older YA readers who want more romance but don’t want to make that full leap to adult fiction.

I have loved this series so far, and as I’m typing this review, I’ve already started the third book. They’ve all been very difficult to put down. I’m sure this one will be no different.

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