Cait’s Review of “Always a Roommate” by Michelle MacQueen

By: Cait Marie


She’s a wedding planner who has given up on love…
…he’s her best friend’s grumpy brother who needs a place to stay.

How did they end up as roommates?
Rae has had a crush on Shane Kelly since she was a young girl. His sister is her best friend, his family hers. But the two of them have never gotten along.
From bickering fights to moody glares, she’s always known what he feels for her.
Any of those would do.

When Shane needs a new place to live, she offers her spare room until he can find something more permanent or until they kill each other. Whichever comes first.
But the more time she spends with him, the more she remembers why she fell for him all those years ago. Behind the constant frowns and quiet demeanor is someone new.
Someone she’s determined to figure out. And if it takes some kissing along the way, so be it. It was all in the name of research, after all.

Escape into this sweet romance that will give you all the feels. Always a Roommate is the second book in the Always in Love series. Enjoy small town beach life with sweet and swoony men, strong-willed women, and family ties that can’t be broken.


I love enemies to lovers. I love forced proximity. I love the best friend’s brother trope. So, basically, this book checked all the right boxes.

And it did so wonderfully.

When reading the first book in this series, Always a Bride, I was already hardcore shipping Rae and Shane. The tension between them is so strong, and I was very excited to read their book. It did not disappoint. In fact, I think I like this book more than the first one.

The snark and bickering led to a lot of build up, which was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing these two grow closer, despite acting as if they hate each other. It was a really fun book, but it did touch on a couple serious topics.

Overall, it was a light, clean romance that I will definitely be rereading in the future. The characters were developed well, and as always, MacQueen’s writing flowed really nicely. She makes it so easy to get lost in these stories and not want to leave them!

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