Cait’s Review of “Not Here to Be Liked” by Michelle Quach

By: Cait Marie


A novel that unpacks just how complicated new love can get…when you fall for your enemy.

Eliza Quan is the perfect candidate for editor in chief of her school paper. That is, until ex-jock Len DiMartile decides on a whim to run against her. Suddenly her vast qualifications mean squat because inexperienced Len—who is tall, handsome, and male—just seems more like a leader.

When Eliza’s frustration spills out in a viral essay, she finds herself inspiring a feminist movement she never meant to start, caught between those who believe she’s a gender equality champion and others who think she’s simply crying misogyny.

Amid this growing tension, the school asks Eliza and Len to work side by side to demonstrate civility. But as they get to know one another, Eliza feels increasingly trapped by a horrifying realization—she just might be falling for the face of the patriarchy himself.


I started this audiobook on a whim without knowing anything about it. I’d only read the first few lines of the blurb, but that intrigued me enough. I ended up absolutely loving it!

This was the lighthearted YA romance I was hoping it would be, but it also touched on some really important topics. The back and forth between Eliza and Len felt so natural and real; their chemistry was evident from early on. I loved seeing their friendship develop, as well as Eliza’s and Winona’s with Serena. The character development in general was just fantastic.

I was kind of iffy in the beginning when it started talking about feminism, but only because I wasn’t in the mood for controversial subjects. I started it in hopes of something fun and easy to read. And this was! Though the feminism movement was a primary part of the plot, it wasn’t overly done. I’m not sure how to describe what I mean better, but basically, those initial worries were for nothing because it was great.

This was a solid read that I’d highly recommend. It deals with feminism, friendship, and stereotypes, but it was an easy book to get sucked into. I really enjoyed it, and I was surprised to find out it was Quach’s first book. That is even more impressive. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more!

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