Cait’s Review of “Fae’s Refuge” by Melissa A. Craven & M. Lynn

By: Cait Marie


A lost fae princess searching for a way home.
A reluctant king trying to win a war.

Tia O’Shea is beginning to lose hope. Hope that she’ll ever say goodbye to the foreign wastelands of Lenya. Hope that she’ll ever see her brother again. With a new king on the throne of Vondur, she is no longer a prisoner, but that doesn’t mean she is free.
As they travel across the border into enemy territory, Tia and Gulliver search for their lost friends, but they find themselves among fierce golden warriors and a strange court they’re uncertain how to navigate. When she first arrived in Lenya, Tia thought war was the biggest danger they would face.
She was wrong.
There is not enough magic in all of Lenya to stop what’s coming for them now, but Tia is determined to try.
First, she must return to the place where she was nearly executed. To a king who once kept her captive. He must be warned even if he doesn’t trust a single word she says.
Fire is coming for them all, and the time for bickering enemies has long past.

The journey through the forgotten kingdom is about to continue for Tia O’Shea. Prepare to lose yourself to this barren world where magic is scarce, and a devastatingly handsome fae king breaks all the rules for the girl he loves.

Fae’s Refuge is book eight in the Queens of the Fae series and book two in Tierney’s journey. Readers don’t need to have read the entire series before this one, but make sure you’ve read Fae’s Rebellion.


This series is absolutely amazing, and somehow I just keep loving it more with each book. Tia’s story is my favorite, though I love all of them.

This second book picks up a little bit after Fae’s Rebellion. It builds up so well, making it difficult to stop reading. There’s a lot at risk for the two kingdoms, apart from the war they’ve been stuck in for far too long. As the new royals of each try to find a way to peace, there’s an even bigger threat, and Tia might have the only solution. The only problem is the fire plains and unsafe seas lie between them and the aid they need.

I love the characters in this part of the series. Tia and Gulliver’s friendship is the best; it makes me so happy inside. However, I really enjoyed the other formed friendships throughout this book as well, specifically with Eavha and Bronagh. And then, there’s Keir. I clearly have a type… broody male fae are my weakness. The chemistry and tension between him and Tia is just perfect. It’s definitely a slow burn romance, as there was almost nothing in Tia’s first book, but we finally see them acknowledge this pull toward one another. And I loved every second.

As always, the writing in this book was fantastic. The world-building is phenomenal, and I love how the authors have built off of the past books to expand the fae realm. It was really well done.

I highly recommend this whole series, but you can technically start with Fae’s Rebellion. The series is split into multiple trilogies that each takes place years apart, so you will get more from reading them all, but you won’t be lost if you jump straight into Tia’s books.

I cannot wait for the next one!

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