Hunger & Cursed Shadows

Author: Jessaca Willis
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They cured their bodies…
But they didn’t cure their bloodlust.

Halira saved Arcathain from the mages who stole the land’s magic, and the demons who had terrorized the citizens for decades. Or so she thought…

Only a few months after the mages were defeated, Elder Kalli learns of an attack in a neighboring town. She and her sister Halira go to the town to investigate.

But they discover a horrible truth.

Not all monsters died in the battle with the mages. Some are still living right next door.

When the realm needs a second saving, will our heroes rise triumphantly? Or will they plunge the continent into a new oblivion?

Hunger & Cursed Shadows is an epic, dark fantasy prequel that bridges the twenty-year gap of time between the Primordials of Shadowthorn series and Blood & Magic Eternal.

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