Cait’s Review of “My Best Friend Prince Charming” by Cindy Ray Hale

By: Cait Marie


They were best friends. He’s always wanted more. Will his newfound fame destroy them?


Ryker and I have been best friends since third grade. We were the poor kids in the school, but that didn’t matter. We always had each other. And we had big plans to get scholarships and make something out of our lives. But now he’s been discovered by a big time Hollywood film director who wants to cast him as Prince Charming in an upcoming production of Cinderella.

Our college plans have been flushed down the toilet overnight, and now Ryker’s become famous with a ridiculous amount of money coming his way.

Thanks to the paparazzi, girls are swarming him both in person and online. And Ryker seems to love every minute of it. It’s so annoying.

I feel like I’m losing my best friend in the worst way possible, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’ve been lying to myself about my feelings for Ryker for a long time.


I’ve secretly had feelings for my best friend Shannon for years, but she’s solidly kept me in the friend zone.

When a famous Hollywood director sees me as the lead in his niece’s high school play, he casts me on the spot as Prince Charming in his upcoming Cinderella film. I’m in shock and on top of the world as my biggest, wildest dreams are coming true. I’m finally leaving behind my old life of poverty and moving up in the world.

But now Shannon’s acting super weird and withdrawn. I don’t understand why she can’t just be happy for me. I wish she could see that I don’t care about the fangirls. Shannon’s the only girl I’ve ever wanted, and nothing, not even fortune and fame will change that.

But I’m afraid that all this luck may prove to be unlucky after all. Because if I lose Shannon, will it really have been worth it?


This book was really fun and cute. It was light-hearted, but it still had those emotional tugs I love while reading.

Ryker and Shannon have been best friends most of their lives, and that comfort and familiarity is very apparent in the story. I loved seeing them grow together as they finish high school and approach adulthood. Seeing them get these rare opportunities and support each other was wonderful.

I do wish some things would have been fleshed out more. I think it’s intended to be short, but I feel like there could have been a little more depth on some of the more serious subjects, such as their families’ struggles. Some of the dialogue felt a bit… forced and awkward as well but not enough to stop me reading. In fact, it was a very easy read that I didn’t want to stop.

If you’re looking for a sweet, fun YA romance, this is definitely one to check out!

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