Cait’s Review of “Summer” by Audrey Grey

By: Cait Marie


Welcome to Evermore Academy where the magic is dark, the immortals are beautiful, and being human SUCKS.

After Hellebore Narcissus exposed my secret, he claimed me as his, a pawn in a deadly Faerie game I’m only just beginning to understand.

Now, I’m caught in a complex web of bloodthirsty courts, ancient feuds, and the lust for ultimate power. To expose Hellebore and recover the Darken’s soulstone, I must become an expert at navigating the cunning world of the Fae and my new life at the academy—all the while resisting my true mate, the Winter Prince.

Win this game, and I regain my freedom while saving humanity—lose and the entire mortal world will fall to the Fae.

But what if the only way to win involves giving up my soulmate forever?


I absolutely loved this series. I’m going to be very upfront… I was nervous about reading this last book because there was a lot of negative backlash about it being rushed and not living up to expectations. Even the author addressed it (she has had a lot going on in her personal life, and she already changed it to three books instead of the intended four because that’s what she felt like the story needed; she didn’t want to drag it out unnecessarily).

Yes, I wish it had been longer, and there were aspects about the end that felt a little too convenient. However, it was still a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Summer’s journey throughout the series, and this last book was no different. The characters are fun, the world is unique, and as always, Grey’s writing easily sucked me in.

Audrey Grey is such a wonderful storyteller, and she does an incredible job at creating these well-developed characters you can’t help but adore. Even the ones you know you should hate. There’s always a great amount of tension, heartbreak, and love.

I actually listened to the audiobooks, and cannot recommend them enough. All of Grey’s audiobooks are done so well. They’re actually my favorite. I could listen to them over and over, and I will likely listen to this series again in the future.

Overall, it was a satisfying ending to a fantastic series. I do wish there was more, but that does not lessen how much I enjoyed this book.

The series is upper young adult/new adult. There is quite a bit of cursing and some spice (not a whole lot, but it’s there).

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