Mariah’s ARC Review of “The Lost Dreams” by Cait Marie

By: Mariah Brown

The Lost Dreams by Cait Marie was a really exciting series of short stories and extra chapters from The Nihryst series. I absolutely loved reading about all of the characters backstories to have a better understanding of where each one came from. This series of short stories included ones that were already written and a few new ones.

The short stories should be read after you have read the initial series. There are some spoilers within them. The short stories are about some of the pirates in the original books, about the queens and what happened to them, and of course the main character Loxley was in there too.

The extra chapters allow you to see specific points in the books from other points of view and have a better understanding of what was happening with others during a certain event. These chapters really made me want to have a Phillip story all on his own.

I truly loved everything about this book. It brought more insight into the characters and made you realize why they acted the way they did. Their lives really did influence their reactions and reasonings to situations. I highly recommend reading this once you have read the series so you have a better understanding of the characters. Of course, this book is not required to understand the full story though.

I give this book a 5/5 stars. I loved every bit of it and enjoyed how well Cait brought the characters to life.

I received and ARC for an honest review.

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