Mariah’s Review of “Rites and Knights” by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

By: Mariah Brown

Rites of Knights by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape started out with a plot twist. Ambrose was accused of murder. This was found out at the end of book 2. Since Ambrose is a suspect, he is unable to work the case in the beginning. This all leaves Amy to work on this mystery herself. I asked myself many times, “Is she able to do it?”

The characters in this book truly keep the reader engrossed, which makes reading the book go by even faster. Amy is still her smart and mischievous self. I love that the authors kept her act and personality the same. It made the book more fun to read. She still talks to her stone cat, Herbert, which makes things even more interesting. Ambrose is finally loosening up and becoming more of a fun character, but he is worried because of his predicament. Stacy is one of Amy’s new best friends, and she helps her through a lot. Dean is the one character who everyone believes is rivaling Ambrose, but after this book, Dean seems like a good guy. With all this information, the character growth has been amazing through the last three books. I loved it all.

This story is very easy to read and is well written. I love how everything flowed and there were no questions at the end of the book, except one that is cause for the next book. I enjoyed how the twists and turns happened, making the book even more interesting. I enjoy how the authors make such an interesting story in such few pages. I do wish it was longer, but other than that it’s perfect.

I give this book a 5/5 star rating. I highly recommend everyone read this book and the entire series. Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape make an amazing writing pair. I love it.

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