Mariah’s Review of “BoneMan’s Daughters” by Ted Dekker

By: Mariah Brown

Ted Dekker has done it again. I absolutely loved BoneMan’s Daughters because it was thrilling and kept me wanting more. I am a huge Dekker fan. This book made me even more of a fan. If you are looking for a really good thriller to read by him, I would recommend Thr3e as well as this book. At the end of my post, I will discuss some scenes that may be triggers for people.

I love this book because the characters seem so real when you are reading. It is almost like you could be in the book with them. You dive into an entirely different world, which is even more thrilling than just reading.

Though Dekker is considered a Christian writer, this book is not one of the easiest to see the Christianity discussed in it. There is a little bit when it comes to good and evil, but that is about all.

This book did end a little abruptly. I was looking for more, and then all of a sudden, I turned the last page and it was over. It did have closure in the end, which was great. Although, there are things I wish would have been discussed more to make the book have a fuller ending.

I have never read a book as fast as I read this one, which is amazing. I am usually a slow reader, but I kept wanting to know what happened next. If you want a real page turner, this is your book.

I rate this book a 5/5 stars. It kept moving, and I truly enjoyed how well it was written. It was definitely the thriller that I was looking for. It had me turning the page as fast as I possibly could.



Trigger Warnings:

In the beginning of the book, Ryan Evans is in the military and he gets captured. The story then goes on to discuss how children are being killed in front of Ryan by an enemy in Afghanistan.

There are also scenes that discuss Ryan’s daughter cutting, which could trigger.

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