WWW Wednesday April 14, 2021

By: Christopher Bartlett

I have started a bunch of books lately and haven’t had time to finish them. Hopefully this weekend that’ll change. Here’s my literary journey this week.

WWW Wednesday is a weekly reading update hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Don’t mind the noise from downstairs, just the workmen in the lounge and parlor. Seems their staff wasn’t ready to end vacation quite yet, so I loaded every bottle of soda (aka pop) with a certain candy, and the result was a bit of a wet explosion. Barely noticed it myself as I was finally finishing the fourth book in The Jesse Sullivan series, Dying Light, by Kory Shrum. I am in the middle of a few other books mind you, but don’t be surprised if I start the fifth book before the end of April. 

Most of this year has been working on shaking off the cobwebs of 2020 as well as getting my ambitions back. First, I have to catch up with some of my favorite authors before I go out exploring too many new ones. Along with seeing if a favorite book’s original writing is as good or better than the version I read when the movie came out back in the 90s. A long time ago to some I know, but it was hard to track down after the movie came out. 

Hopefully, I will finish Neil Gaiman’s American Gods soon so I can watch more of the TV version of it that got me reading it out of impatience for the next season. As well as wanting to read more in that world. 

I am excited to finally be getting a chance to read the next two books in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files after waiting months to get to them on my reading list. I might have cheated to get them that high up on the list in the end, but it is my reading list so not really cheating. The other cool thing I found recently was a sequel to The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller. To no surprise, it is titled The Philosopher’s War. I like how he has done an urban fantasy mixed with alternate history with this series. Has me hungry for more, as he had me a couple years ago when the first one came out

On the more lighthearted side of things, I am looking forward to jumping back into Piers Anthony’s world of Xanth. While lighthearted and filled with puns, it still drags you into it as much as any completely serious fantasy story does. It’s only at about 43 novels now, most of which I have read.

I’m also looking forward to, later in the year, getting into some other memoirs of famous people. Both political and non-political since even with memoirs I like a bit of lighthearted reading. 

But don’t worry, you will get to hear more between here and in the parlor once it reopens, as well as reviews of the books I read. Feel free to leave questions and comments as always. Now, I do believe I see a book calling my name. 

*Tips his hat and walks out the door toward a book and a comfy chair.*

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