Cait’s Review of “The Upside of Falling” by Alex Light

By: Cait Marie

Goodreads Blurb

It’s been years since seventeen-year-old Becca Hart believed in true love. But when her former best friend teases her for not having a boyfriend, Becca impulsively pretends she’s been secretly seeing someone.

Brett Wells has it all. Being captain of the football team and one of the most popular guys in school, he should have no problem finding someone to date, but he’s always been more focused on his future than who to bring to prom. When he overhears Becca’s lie, Brett decides to step in and be her mystery guy. It’s the perfect solution: he gets people off his back for not dating and she can keep up the ruse.

Acting like the perfect couple isn’t easy though, especially when you barely know the other person. But with Becca still picking up the pieces from when her world was blown apart years ago and Brett just barely holding his together now, they begin to realize they have more in common than they ever could have imagined. When the line between real and pretend begins to blur, they are forced to answer the question: is this fake romance the realest thing in either of their lives?


Wanting a cute, YA romance, I started this audiobook on a whim… and I ended up listening to the whole thing in one night. I literally finished it at like 6 am. I couldn’t stop.

When Brett swoops in as Becca’s fake boyfriend, I was a bit skeptical at how quickly he jumped in. But that doubt lasted approximately four seconds. He’s a popular jock but sweet, she’s a nerdy bookworm, and their friendship through this fake relationship is just wonderful. I really loved that, though they were pretending to date, it was that friendship that really grew and became the focus.

The story did contain a lot of cliché tropes, but it also had a lot of relatable and heartfelt moments. It was exactly what I wanted. Sometimes one just needs an adorable, fluffy romance to get their minds of the chaos happening in the real world. This book did not disappoint.

The Upside of Falling would be perfect for fans of Kasie West and Jenny Han. I would absolutely read more by this author!

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