Mariah’s Review of “The Similars” by Rebecca Hanover

By: Mariah Brown

The Similars by Rebecca Hanover started out slow, but once I got to the first major plot twist, I was hooked. At first, I thought I knew where the plot was going, but then it went in the complete opposite direction. I enjoy when a book takes a different course of action than what is expected. This leaves me on my toes when I am reading.

This book is so unique in that it follows Emma who befriends a group of students who happen to also be clones. She went through a traumatic event that made her want to stay away from them but was unable to. She finds out increased secrets about the clones which leads her to even more knowledge than she wanted. This makes her grow closer with the clones even though she was trying to avoid them.

The author included so much action and adventure within the book that allowed me to bring the story to life. The end of the book had a big surprise that I did not even see coming. I enjoy when a book is unpredictable and allows me to create ideas in my head but then it takes a totally different turn.

The book ended in such a way that made me want even more. I did some research and found out there was a second book, The Pretenders, which continued the story. The continuation of the story made it even more exciting to read.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars because it started off a bit slow but then picked up the pace. It was a nice book that made me want to keep reading. I continued on to the second book and will post a review of that once I have completed it.

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