Luck of the Reader Readathon

Cait Marie is starting to host monthly readathons over in her Facebook group, Cait’s Inner Circle! She’d love for everyone to join in, so check it out!

The theme for March is Luck of the Reader. The prompts are:

  • A book with a green cover
  • A title with the word “luck” or “lucky”
  • A story based on or inspired by folklore

There is also a pre-selected book each month for the group to discuss.

This month’s group book:

There will be small giveaways all month and a grand prize announced during the live chat at the end of the month (date TBD).

You CAN read a book that fits more than one prompt, but you will get one entry for the grand prize per finished book (limit of one per prompt).

Entries for grand prize:

  • You get one entry for each book you finish (limit of one per prompt)
  • You get one entry for finishing the group book
  • You get an extra entry for reviewing the group book on Amazon
  • You get an extra entry for attending the live chat

To claim entries, there will be a designated post in the event page.

Feel free to invite friends and spread the word!

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