Fae’s Prisoner (Crimes of the Fae, #1)

Author: Melissa A. Craven & M. Lynn
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Griffin O’Shea is a traitor.

It’s what those outside the prison realm called him when he chose the wrong side in the war of the fae queens. Now, he is the only person in the entire fae world who remembers his dark deeds.

The moment Griffin crossed into the prison realm, every fae he’d ever known forgot he existed. Left with nothing—not even his magic—he’s had to survive in a land of eternal darkness where a ruthless king terrorizes villages full of Dark Fae. Creatures with magnificent wings, tails, and horns wander the darkness of Myrkur, forgotten by all who believe this harsh world is one for criminals alone.

It’s been nearly ten years, and once again, Griffin is traitor to a king. But this time instead of punishment, Griffin is offered a mission that will take him across the magical barrier into the realms he once called home.

His task? Find a way to destroy the magic keeping the Dark Fae inside the prison realm.

Riona, the king’s champion, watches Griffin’s every move, forcing him to remain loyal to the dark king even when facing a brother who does not recognize him, an ex-wife who doesn’t know him, and two children that could be the key to everything.

Destroying the prison magic will send dangerous fae out into the peaceful realms, and Griffin must decide if maybe this time, becoming a traitor is the right thing to do.

Fae’s Prisoner is the first in a new exciting series from bestselling authors M. Lynn and Melissa A. Craven. 

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