Puppets Dream (The Awakened Book 2)

Author: Jessaca Willis
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In a post-apocalyptic world…
Filled with unimaginable powers…
Four young heroes might be all that stands between good and evil.​

Two years ago, the world ended. In the years that followed, a bloodthirsty gang tore through the survivors, slaughtering untold innocent lives.

Until Sean and Graciela stopped them.

Now, a month after having defeated the Sanguinatores, this group of heroes learns of the new dangers threatening them:

An illness that runs rampant through Hope, targeting only the children;
A familiar stranger who arrives on their doorsteps, but could be friend or foe;
And the dark past Mara left behind in Italy, that the others soon discover might be an impending danger.

Will these four be able to protect each other, and the sanctuary they’ve come to love?

In the second installment of The Awakened, our beloved characters grapple with honesty, loyalty, and ethics, as they continue to navigate the apocalyptic world and cope with the truths they uncover. Though they are scattered across continents, never before have their paths been more intertwined.

~More About The Author~

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Jessaca spent her free time heavily immersed in books and shows such as Harry Potter, True Blood, The Sword of Truth/Legend of the Seeker, and Merlin, so much so that at one point she truly believed fantasy worlds were real (maybe she still does). Her passion for the unimaginable and the magnificent grew, leading Jessaca to a career in fantasy writing, with an inclination toward the dark, horror, paranormal, and dystopian/apocalyptic sub-genres.

Before she realized being an author was more than her own fantasy though, she was a wandering college student who believed in making the world a better place. She studied social work for her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and participated in a number of study abroad programs that led her to countries such as Guatemala, Italy, and Bolivia. So that her studies don’t become entirely useless, Jessaca draws heavily from her experiences abroad and from her education in human development, social institutions (race, gender, class, sexuality, etc.), mental health, and family roles, to incorporate into her novels and short stories.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves cosplay, video games, and comics. She grew up and still lives in Portland, Oregon, where she resides with her partner and their fur- and human-babies.

Facebook: Jessaca Willis
Twitter: @jessacawillis
Instagram: @jessaca_with_an_a
Website & Newsletter: https://www.jessacawillis.com
Goodreads: Jessaca Willis

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