Station Alpha: Miles and Breaker #1

Author: Nicole Adrianne
Get your copy here!

Two students will compete. Only one can graduate…

So decreed the creator of Station Alpha, the space station designed to save Planet Earth. Each resident of Station Alpha must earn their citizenship and prove their value to society, or be deported.

Jada Breaker’s best friend is dead, but at least she’s in line to become the next headmaster of Station Alpha. To secure her future, all she needs to do is graduate at the top of Class 1. 

Rowan Miles never planned to stand between Jada and her destiny. He just wants to save his dying planet – and his sister. 

Senior year was already stressful. But, as Rowan and Jada discover the truth about a set of corrupted files and a tragic death, they realize humanity has a choice to make…

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