Kesha’s Review of “How to Disappear” by Sharon Huss Roat

By: Kesha Jones

Vicky Decker is shy, quiet, and a Photoshop expert. The only person that she really opens up to is her best friend, Jenna. They were inseparable until Jenna had to move. Once Vicky lost Jenna, she isolated herself until she couldn’t bear it anymore. Even with her being so far away from her best friend, they still kept in contact as much as they could.

Then Vicky started to notice Jenna was distancing from her, and hanging out with new people. She even overheard Jenna talking about her and how she needed to “get a life” of her own. So, that sparked a little jealousy rage in Vicky. With her great skills, she decided to Photoshop herself into other people’s pictures to make it seem like she was having the time of her life. She then posted them under the name of Vicurious on Instagram.

Vicky caught the attention of thousands of people online, but no one knew it was her. The more followers she kept getting, the more she started to realize that there was other people like her out there. That felt alone and ignored in the real world. She liked hiding behind the screen, but she also wanted to be seen by her peers. Living vicariously online gave her a confidence boost to start talking to people at school more. But she tries to stay hidden so that no one figures out who she is online. Will she be able to handle all the pressures of her social life and lose her best friend for good?

I enjoyed this book by Sharon Huss Roat because she captures the essence of a modern day teenager who wants to be seen in the social media eye. She also showed that even the most popular stars can be the loneliest in the world. That even if you are the most socially awkward or outcasted person, you are not alone, and one good deed could help someone else’s battle. This was my first time reading anything by Sharon, and I would definitely like to read more of her books in the future.

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