Shatter Me Readathon

By: Cait Marie

Yep, throwing this together last minute, but it needs to happen. The final book in the series, Imagine Me, comes out March 31!! So, naturally I need to reread all the books beforehand. Luckily, they’re pretty fast reads.

Here’s how it’s going to work…

  • March 1-5: Shatter Me
  • 6-7: Destroy Me (novella)
  • 8-12: Unravel Me
  • 13: Fracture Me (novella)
  • 14-18: Ignite Me
  • 19-23: Restore Me
  • 24-25: Shadow Me (novella)
  • 26-29: Defy Me
  • 30: Reveal Me (novella)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The novellas have been paired up into two other editions. Unite Me is comprised of Destroy Me and Fracture Me, and Find Me is Shadow Me and Reveal Me. All should be read in the order listed above, so if you get the combined versions, be sure to split it appropriately.

I will do updates and reminders via Twitter, maybe even a GIVEAWAY or two!

Scribd has the first three books and novellas as ebooks and all of the audiobooks.* For a two-month FREE trial, you can use my referral code here! That gives a whole extra month more than if you were to sign up just through the website.

*New/popular audiobooks are limited to 3-4 per month, so you use them wisely. I recommend reading all the ebooks first to save up the audiobooks for the last half of the series if you don’t have other ways of reading them. The audiobook of Find Me has both of the last two novellas in it, so that saves a credit too. See Important Note above about novellas.

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Have you read them before, or is this your first time? If you’ve read them, which is your favorite?

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