Friday Favorites: Fanfiction

By: Stephanie Wyatt

Fanfiction is the answer to every reader waiting for the next book in the series, or if you want to explore the relationship that almost happened before the love interest came onto the scene. My favorite way to explain fan iction is the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, so if after reading this post you want to take an adventure into the fanfiction world, I would start there.

Here are my favorite fanfiction sites and some favorite stories on each. I apologize for the fact that most of my favorite stories are from the Harry Potter fandom. I read Harry Potter fanfiction the most often.

1. Archive of Our Own

I have just started playing around with Archive of Our Own. I love how it has more fandoms than I can even imagine. They even have other languages, which I think is pretty amazing. I will probably take advantage of that when I’m not super ashamed of my Spanish and French. I’m currently reading Stealing Harry by copperbadge.

Here is the link to the website:

2. is similar to Archive of Our Own in the sense that they have several different fandoms to choose from. This site has been around longer, so when I first discovered fanfiction, this site was my favorite overall. I also like how if the fandom has enough stories, they have a drop down list for you to find your favorite ships. One of my favorite authors on the site is Skyler-A-Teloiv.


3. Mugglenet Fanfiction

This had to make the list because this was where I first joined the world of fanfiction. I love this site because it has ratings like the years at Hogwarts. I also used to think this was the best fanfiction site because your stories had to be approved by one of the moderators on the site. I thought that’s what kept the badly written fanfiction away. There are plenty of amazing stories on here, but my favorite is Padfoot Prohibited by Liveley.


4. Harry Potter Fanfiction

This website is probably my favorite because it has the easiest search engine for stories. It also was the first site that catered to my Marauder Era obsession. Ever since the series ended, I’ve been obsessed with stories about Harry’s parents time’ at Hogwarts, and fan fiction is the only way to satisfy that curiosity. My favorite story on the site is Saving Ana by MagicalMiss


Do you guys read fan fiction, if so what are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. So, I’m slowly losing my mind trying to find a copy of Saving Ana by MagicalMiss from hpff since the site is no longer operational. I know that AO3 is importing it all but it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t suppose there’s any chance you or anyone else saved a copy of it that you would potentially be able to share with a desperate fan?

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