Kesha’s Review of the “City Love” Series by Susane Colasanti

By: Kesha Jones

Most people think that going to college is a fresh start to their adulting life. So how would you handle spending those first couple months of adulthood with two other roommates with completely different personalities then yours? Darcy, Rosanna, and Sadie are all attending the same college in New York City, and that summer before they start, their college put them together as roommates. Sadie was the only one that was already from New York, so she got to teach the other girls the ins and outs of the city. In the hopes of leaving their pasts behind, little do they know, it all eventually catches up to them within that short amount of time.

Sadie is hopeful, kind, and high spirited on love, but what her newfound friends don’t know about her is that she’s constantly fighting the reminder of losing her unborn sister. She takes on a summer intern job where she thinks that she has found the love of her life, but that person ends up having big secrets of their own.

Darcy moved from California to New York after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend. He didn’t think that their relationship would last long distance. Once she got to New York, she became wild and rebellious, and had as many boy adventures as she could. With her heart set on lockdown, so that she wouldn’t get hurt again, she meets this guy that makes her start to believe that love isn’t totally dead. That is, until her ex appears at her doorstep realizing his mistake and tries to win her back.

Unlike Darcy and Sadie, Rosanna comes from a very low-income family in Chicago. She also deals with a past that haunts her from time to time, that makes her self-conscious to be with anyone serious. That all changes as she volunteers at a summer day camp and meets Donovan. As she struggles with money issues and a mysterious girl who seems to want to make her life even more complicated than it is, she finds a way to be optimist through it all.

I thought that there would be more of a fallout between the three girls, but the author knew how to bring them back together. They went from strangers to the best of friends that will always have each other’s backs. Susane put these girls perfectly together for this series, and I wouldn’t doubt that her other books are just as great.

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