Gathering The Dreamcatchers Omnibus: The Companion Novels

Author: Cristina Salata
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This 4-novel omnibus begins with a book Publisher’s Weekly termed “courageous, thought-provoking” and the Los Angeles Times called “suspenseful, sensitively written” in which Amelia Monet escapes from her father’s home to begin a new life and identity in San Francisco, LIVING IN SECRET with her mother and her mother’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, in an entirely different part of The City, in THE SKIN OF WATER: DEFENDING THE DREAMCATCHERS, Lisel Martinez, a first nation teen, has left her New Mexico pueblo for a fresh start in California that will hopefully be better, safer, than the life she’s leaving behind. Yet is there a way for young people on their own to stay safe in a world that seems anything but? Empowerment is just a word…until you live it. In ESOTERICA, the third book of this 4-novel omnibus edition, we rejoin characters from the first two books as Amelia — older now and done putting up with safety issues of her own — decides to take matters into her own hands. Her dad is a criminal, and criminals are supposed to be in jail, aren’t they? In the final book, PARADISE FOUND, Amelia’s battles to remove herself from an abusive parent’s custody conclude. She’s 16 & 1/2 now; it’s time to create a life of her own and perhaps a whole new way to live too! It’s the 21st Century after all…a time of great change when girls are starting to rock and rule, and high time for many things about humanity to improve. And with friends like Pipsqueak, Lisel, Rocky, Gabrielle, and the whole Esoterica apple farm crew, Amelia just might be able to help make that happen. No matter what kind of twists and turns her life has had, it’s never too late to become a healthy, happy adult, right? GATHERING THE DREAMCATCHERS: a 4-novel adventure in intentional community, sovereignty, friendship, family, love, sexuality, radical activism…and all the magic in the world.

~More About The Author~

It has been said that those who choose islands, also choose the sea. Award-winning author Cristina Salat has spent a lifetime traveling between the worlds of writing/publishing, national forests, homeless shelters, movie sets, tropical islands, and her own imagination. When not immersing in ancient sacred sites on this beautiful planet, she presently makes her home on an active volcano and spends much time pondering, researching and writing about the state of the world towards helping it transform into one that is…kinder.

Her writing includes the ever-evolving ‘Gathering The Dreamcatchers’ companion novels: Living In Secret, The Skin of Water: Defending The Dreamcatchers, Esoterica, Paradise Found and the forthcoming Living In Light as well as the literary and screen novels: Alias Diamond Jones of the Ghostwriter series, Eleven-Eleven/Huck Finn: Girl Pirates Extraordinaire, W.A.R.P, Swimming Lessons, Like A Mother, and Irresistibly Yours.

She is also the author of illustrated children’s books: Peanut’s Emergency, Step-Whales, Witzel’s Wish, Frogdemona: Precious Pest along with numerous Green Flame Omnimedia “Slims” (explorations of life’s defining moments in slender volumes) including: After Titanic, America The Beautiful, Summer Friends, Rabonchone, Going Home, Time of the Bear and Living In Hawaii: A Five Act Adventure (so far!)

Most titles available in singular as well as various combo e-pub and trade print editions wherever fine books are found. Personalized collector editions can also be obtained from the author’s cozy corner e-store: or website: where she delights in hearing from readers, writers & thinkers…

…like YOU! 🙂

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