Top Ten Tuesday: Disney Movies

By: Cait Marie

Hello, hello! Today is the day! Disney+ is finally out in the world, and you better believe downloading it was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning. In honor of this amazing new streaming service, I thought this week I’d step away from books and tell you my top ten favorite Disney movies!

Now, this is JUST the animated movies, not including Pixar. Let’s countdown, shall we?

10. Frozen

I just really love Olaf.

9. The Emperor’s New Groove

I legitimately know every word of this movie…

8. A Goofy Movie

Name a more iconic scene than i2i, I dare you.

7. Big Hero 6

This movie is SO underappreciated. It is heart wrenching and wonderful. Tadashi was actually the inspiration behind a character in my upcoming book!

6. Moana

This. Scene. Chills every time.

5. Aladdin

I just realized this is probably why I have a lotus obsession…

4. Mulan

Perfection. That’s all.

3. Beauty and the Beast

I just love it so much…

2. Tangled

I mean, obviously. My trilogy coming out is a Tangled retelling. Rapunzel and Flynn are EVERYTHING.

1. The Little Mermaid

This lifelong obsession is never going away. I have loved this movie since birth. As a physically disabled child, I deeply connected with Ariel’s wish for legs to go “jumping, dancing, strolling along down the… streets.” It will always be my favorite.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? What are you looking forward to on Disney+?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Disney Movies

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  1. My favorite on this list is ‘Tangled.’ I would say a few of my favorites would be ‘Zootopia,’ ‘The Lion King,’ and ‘Mary Poppins.’ It’s been forever since I’ve seen ‘The Goofy Movie’- I think I used to watch it a lot as a kid on VHS. I still have the songs run through my head sometimes! 🙂

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