Destiny’s Review of “Bridge to Us” by Jeanne Felfe

By: Destiny Constantin

*I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review.*

Bridge to Us is a love lost and found novel written by contemporary romance author Jeanne Felfe. Jeanne Felfe is a new author for me, I usually read young adult novels, but the book summary on Goodreads drew my attention. Bridge to Us is about a pediatric nurse named Julianne Garvoli, who is heartbroken after her marriage falls apart. Her husband moved out of their home while she was at work and was involved with another woman. The divorce left her to do some soul searching and made her think about what she truly wants in life. She loves helping people and always dreamt about traveling to another country to give people the medical care that they need but don’t have the resources to. Her husband, Clay, never wanted her to travel, so she made sacrifices for him.

Julianne’s best friend, Bella, cheers her up by taking her out to dinner and an art gallery showing. At the art gallery, Julianne meets a handsome world-renowned photographer, Jokob O’Callaghan. Jokob has suffered a lot of lost with losing his wife and baby. Jokob’s wife, Keara, was diagnosed with cancer when she found out that they were expecting. My heart was broken into pieces when she was diagnosed with cancer because I have lost family members to the awful disease. Keara fought so hard to survive because she didn’t want to give up her child. This story took me on an emotional rollercoaster, and I hoped for the main characters to find happiness in the end, which they did. Julianne and Jokob fall in love and help each other heal and overcome the past. Jokob even motivates Julianne to live out one of her dreams of doing missionary work.

Bridge to Us is a beautiful and well-written story with great characters. I love how the author describes the characters’ actions and behaviors. She writes with such detail that I can picture what was happening in my mind. For example, “keeping her toes cramped upward to avoid the frigid hardwood floors.” I loved that Julianne’s family is Italian and that her mother loves to cook big family dinners because it sounds just like my family. There are lovely visual details throughout the story such as the way Julianne describes her neighborhood. I also really like how the author manipulated figurative language into her story, such as the metaphorical meaning behind the title of the book.

The story was breathtaking and had many plot twists and events that I didn’t even see coming. I can tell Jeanne poured her heart and soul into her writing to create a remarkable story that is very relatable for many people. I hope she writes another novel because I would love to know how Julianne and Jokob relationship blossoms.

If you love reading feel-good contemporary romance books, I highly recommend Bridge to Us by Jeanne Felfe.

Bridge to Us is available now on Amazon. Please feel free to visit her website for more information.

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