The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

By: Cait Marie

Hello, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag, and when I saw this done by Mah over at Happy Reading Co, I couldn’t resist. Something about Halloween and fall in general always makes me want to binge the Harry Potter movies for the millionth time.

I’ve done the Harry Potter Spells Tag in the past, but this one is completely focused on my favorites/least favorites in the wizarding world. So, let’s jump in!

Favorite Book

The Prisoner of Azkaban. Story time: I got the first two books when they came out. I was 7 when I got the first book, and I wasn’t reading those type of “big” books yet. I saw the first two movies in theaters when I was 9-10, and I loved them so much, I decided to give the books another chance.

Except I started with this third book because I saw the first two movies and wanted to know what happened next. I actually didn’t read the first two books until I was in my 20s. Since PoA was the first I read, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Least Favorite Book

Order of the Phoenix. It took me three tries to get through the whole thing when in came out. I just found it really boring… There’s a lot of important story build up in that book but not a lot of action. I have a short attention span.

Favorite Movie

Prisoner of Azkaban. I just love this one so much. For the reasons above, but also because we get Sirius and Lupin. Plus, Hermione punches Draco.

Least Favorite Movie

Order of the Phoenix. Read above. It’s just kind of boring to me. It was also the one that made me the most angry in theaters because I finished reading it the night before seeing it, so it was all fresh in my mind.

Favorite Quote

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Favorite Weasley

Ginny. She was actually one of my absolute favorite characters in the books.

Favorite Female Character

Hermione. She is my favorite fictional character of all time.

Favorite Villain

Draco. There was so much to him and why he did the things he did… Y’all know how I love my dark, broody boys. I just wish he had his redemption in the books before the end.

Favorite Male Character

Neville Longbottom. If you know me, you know how much I love him. He’s the true hero of the story, and I will die on this hill.

Matthew Lewis left me a signed photo at Comic Con because he saw on Twitter that I was upset he was no longer going to be there the day I was going!

Favorite Professor

McGonagall. She’s amazing and fierce and everything I want to be when I grow up.

Would you rather A) wash Snape’s hair or B) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?

Both sound awful… but I think I could make a game out of listening to Lockhart and keep myself entertained.

Would you rather duel A) an elated Bellatrix or B) an angry Molly?

Bellatrix. Molly is intense when angry!

Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via A) Hogwarts Express or B) flying car?

Hogwarts Express. I think it’d be fun taking a day-long train ride with friends.

Would you rather A) kiss Voldemort or B) give Umbridge a bubble bath?

Kiss Voldemort. Umbridge is the WORST!

Would you rather A) ride a Hippogriff or B) ride a Firebolt?

Firebolt. I like control.

Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?

Ginny. They did not do book Ginny justice!

Is there a movie you preferred to the book?

I don’t know how to answer this… I’ve only read the series twice, and the first time was spread out over seven years. I watch the movies multiple times every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the books, I just don’t know specifically if there’s a movie I liked better because I haven’t read the books as much.

Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

First of all, how dare you? Both are magnificent. Even if Gambon was a little more intense than I imagined.

Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?

Ready for this soapbox? Neville’s history. The movies failed to mention the fact that the prophecy could have been about Harry OR Neville. It could’ve just as easily all been him. He was born at the end of July. His parents were also in the Order. They were tortured by Bellatrix to the point of insanity, and while the movie does briefly mention this, it never shows how much it truly affected Neville. It doesn’t show him visiting them in the hospital or Harry, Ron, and Hermione finding him there. It does show Neville stepping up to help and killing Nagini in the end, but it doesn’t do justice to the fact that while Harry was off looking for Horcruxes, he was the one fighting for all the students at Hogwarts. He was the one who conquered his fear and timidness when it mattered most. He was the one who always tried to do what was right from the beginning.

If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies, which would it be?

I agree with Mah on this one: The Half-Blood Prince because there was a LOT left out.

Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?

Gryffindor. Well, it’s the one I wanted to be in.

Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?


Which class would be your favorite?

Charms. I think it would be the most beneficial for me personally. Plus, I love Flitwick!

Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?

Accio. No doubt about it. Do you know how handy it’d be to just say accio book and have it float over to me?

Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?

I want to say Hermione because we’re so similar, but in reality either Luna or Neville probably.

If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?

The Resurrection Stone… I would use it to talk to my best friend.

Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?

Again, like Mah, I wish there had been redemption for Draco. Maybe have him fighting with them in the end…

Favorite Marauder

Lupin, of course!

If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?

Fred… that one hurt too much.

My sister and I meeting the twins last year!

Hallows or Horcruxes?

Hallows for sure. I could never kill someone, especially for something so selfish.

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but I‘d love to see your answers if you do it! Or let me know if you agree/disagree with any of mine in the comments!

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