Harden Fields Duet Box Set

Author: Christal Mosley
Releases October 21!
Pre-order here!

Welcome to the small southern town of HARDEN FIELDS…where the sun is hot, the tea is sweet, and love is in the air.

THIS SIDE OF FOREVER: Laney Oliver is ready to start a fresh new life – one without the constant reminder of the one who broke her heart. Four years have passed in the small southern town of Harden Fields, and Jeremiah Cutler – the bad boy who broke her heart – is back for the summer with every intention on winning her back. But will Laney be able to let her guard down in the name of a once upon a time true love?

NEVER SAY NEVER: Jonah Cutler and Kasey Massoney have known each other just short of forever. In a moment of weakness, they decide to take their friendship to a different level…with no strings attached. But neither of them intend for things to go so far. Falling for one another was never part of the plan. But you know what they say…never say never.

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