Cover Reveal: Sessions With A Demon

Sessions With A Demon
By Finn O’Malley

Release Date: October 13, 2019
Pre-Order link coming soon!

We’re excited to bring you the cover for Finn O’Malley’s upcoming release, Sessions with a Demon, as well as the synopsis and where to follow her!

Cover reveal in…










Everyone’s got issues, even demons.

When Ren, a Synergy demon, begins to show favor towards his assignments it creates concern for his superiors and he is sentenced to the one thing he never expected: Weekly sessions with famed demon therapist Dr. Lilith Madson.

A moral debacle ensues when an intriguing human recognizes his invisible presence on the streets and forces him to realize Lilith may have a wicked agenda of her own. Whose side will he take? The human with the all consuming need for revenge or the delusional therapist determined to wreak havoc?

About the Author

Finn O’Malley is an elemental goddess who loves writing, crystals and day dreaming about her next meal. She lives in Northern Utah with her human husband, two lovable teenagers, and two cat overlords on the hunt for adventure, world domination and wet food. When she is not in her garden growing human-sized bushels of herbs, you can find Finn sitting on a mountaintop practicing yoga or penning witty urban fantasy adventures for humans who need a break from reality.

Follow her at: 
Facebook — Finn O’Malley
Instagram — Finn O’Malley

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