Katie’s Review of The Chosen Series by Meg Anne

By: Katie Robinson

Welcome to my review for The Chosen series by Meg Anne.

So, the series is comprised of four books that are about 300 pages a piece. The books are Mother of Shadows, Reign of Ash, Crown of Embers, and Queen of Light. You can read them all on Kindle Unlimited, or you can purchase them elsewhere. I don’t know where else they are available, because to be honest, I found them just scrolling through Amazon.


The best way that I can describe this series of books is by saying, if A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass met, fell deeply in love, and then had a baby; this series of books would be that lovechild. The entire series feels very heavily influenced by our Queen SJM. The similarities are present in characters, writing style, use of words, and basically everything else.

However. The series was GOOD. It kept my attention, and I read all four books in like two days. It was good enough that I was prepared to buy the rest of the series if they hadn’t been free when I finished the first book. I do feel like these books are probably more NA than YA, just because the smut is slightly more graphic than what you’d find in ACOTAR or TOG, and because there is gratuitous use of the ‘f-bomb.’

Now, to discuss the books. I will try my absolute best to avoid spoilers. I promise.

Mother of Shadows:

In this book, Helena finds herself thrust into a position of power that she was not at all prepared for. We watch her struggle with her new identity and grow into the prophecy that was foretold about her. During Mother of Shadows, Helena must prove victorious during her trials, choose a mate whose soul calls to her own, and come to terms with all of the pieces of her life that are shifting and transforming her into someone new. The first book moves the slowest, but it’s a necessary read.

Reign of Ash:

During Reign of Ash, Helena finds herself searching for the one thing that she loves most in the world. Without finding the missing piece of herself, she will fracture, losing total control of her magic and damning all of the Chosen that she has sworn to protect. With the dark threat that has arisen, Helena finds the lives of everyone she cares about to be in jeopardy. She is faced with choosing between the Chosen that she is sworn to serve and the one thing that will save her from the fracturing. This book relies very heavily on the theme of ‘the good of the few vs the good of the many.’

Crown of Embers:

This book is where the story really begins picking up the pace and getting exciting. We see Helena and friends readying for war. Helena and her Circle are tasked with gaining allies, which means seeking out the Forsaken who have been shunned by the Chosen for centuries. Knowing that time is limited before her enemies strike again, Helena is in a race to save her people from absolute chaos and destruction. The fate of her people rests squarely on Helena’s shoulders, and while her character exudes strength and power, it is heartbreaking to read the struggles she faces in Crown of Embers.

Queen of Light:

Queen of Light culminates into the final showdown between Helena, the Chosen, and Rowena. As the events of the last three books played out, Rowena made it crystal clear the she had no intentions of losing a war to Helena and relinquishing the title she believes to be hers. Throughout the series, these two have played a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, a loss to Rowena would be the loss of humanity as we know it. Helena has vowed to end the war, and to end it now, even if it costs her life to do so.

Overall, this was a good series of books, and I’m genuinely glad that I read them. I’d give these an 8 out of 10 as far as a rating goes. Now I need to go read the spin-off series titled The Keeper’s Legacy.

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