Help Vote For The Title!

Author Francine Weagle has created a pre-sale campaign for her upcoming novel, America: Civil War II (tentative title).

Those who help with the pre-sale campaign get a bunch of perks! One of the perks is that if you order a copy of the paperback, you get to have your input in the final cover design. Also, everyone who orders through the pre-sale will have their name listed in the acknowledgements.

For an extra $10 you can even vote for the final title of the book!

To join the campaign, click here!

Synopsis: The year is 2080 and America is eighteen years into the Second Civil War. Racism, genderism, sexism, all the isms and differences that make us unique have torn the country into unregulated groups and gangs of people fighting against others for the sake of “America.” There is no government, no military and no safe places other than the hospital. Scheherazade, an Iranian-American immigrant is the top surgeon on what’s left of the island of Manhattan. She has her family and her job to protect from the war outside her cozy home in the hospital, until she doesn’t. Alone and with no family she becomes part of a renegade group of mixed cultural people with a secret project that could save the country from the ravishes of climate change. They believe that by bringing some hope back to the desperate citizens of the United States, the country can find peace and rise again. This first book in the three-book series about their escape from the dangers of a disappearing Manhattan and travel the dangerous Eastern coast past mercenaries, battlefields and corrupt former politicians to meet up with another group of people who will help them on the next leg of their dangerous and unpredictable journey.

Find out what Francine has to say about the book:

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