Dark Saints Academy: The Soul Catcher

Author: S. McPherson
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They call me the Dark Queen…

Ryleigh De La Cruz knew nothing of saints and demons, only that they walked amongst the living. That is until she’s whisked off to a magical Academy of dark angels and told that she’s one of them. The type of hero to wear her halo on her horns. But some saints are drawn towards the light whilst others tip towards the dark and Ryleigh is the darkest among them; demon born and heir to the Dim; a realm of shadows. But she doesn’t know this yet and everyone’s afraid to tell her, hoping that by hiding who she truly is, she will abandon her heritage and choose to join the light.

But Ryleigh is struggling. She doesn’t understand why the shadows gather around her, why her power shakes the earth, or why whenever the dangerously attractive and impossibly powerful Danté Ramirez looks her way, her magic responds, craving his kiss, his touch but also…his soul.

War is raging between demons and saints and soon the Academy’s students are called on for help. But Ryleigh isn’t sure she can master the might of her magic and resist the alluring temptations—the very essence of her soul—especially when she’s plunged into a world of thieves, demons, and the seven deadly sins brought to life.

But if she doesn’t find a way to rise above the shadows inside, Ryleigh, Queen of Darkness, will not only forfeit her soul, she will bring about eternal night and rent the world asunder.

And then, there’s the Soul Catcher…

~Where To Find The Author~

Website: www.smcphersonbooks.com
Twitter: @SMcphersonbooks
Facebook: Smcpherson books
Instagram: @s_mcpherson_books
Goodreads: S. McPherson

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