Hayley’s Review of “Did I Mention I Love You?” by Estelle Maskame

By: Hayley Green

Did I Mention I Love You? is a young adult contemporary romance. It follows the story of Eden, who visits her father in Santa Monica for the summer, despite the fact that he walked out on Eden and her mother three years ago. Eden blames her father for the divorce and the fact he never called her hurts.

Her dad has remarried a woman who works as a lawyer and they live in an expensive house with their three boys, all Eden’s stepmother’s kids from a previous marriage. Chase, the youngest, is sweet and innocent. Jamie, the middle child, is kind and welcoming. But Tyler, the oldest, is a troublemaker. He’s a drug addict and an alcoholic who always goes to parties to distract himself.

Eden eventually spends more time with Tyler and his group of friends, and she finds herself playing the role of protector and babysitter to Tyler. She hates him and the way he acts out, but after she kisses him, she falls for him inexplicably.

This is an intense love story and really captures the feelings of teen angst and wanting to fit in. While I didn’t like the person Tyler was in these books, I rooted for Eden and him to get together for reasons unknown to myself. I did, however, like the person Tyler became in the next two books in the trilogy.

There are some triggers and adult themes in this book including drug use, alcoholism, abuse, sex, and eating disorders, so I would recommend for readers fourteen and up, with parental permission before age sixteen, depending on how protective your parents are about these sorts of things.

With that being said, this book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and made me laugh out loud, cry, and groan with frustration and anger. A book that can make me have a visible or audible reaction to the words on the page is always recommendable. I connected with the characters and their journeys and I got lost in the story. I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind a darker romance story, although, just a warning, it ends on a sad note. But I find that most romance trilogies that follow the same characters throughout several books usually end on a sad note in one or more books.

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