Witch of the Dead

Author: JL Willing

Synopsis: Kali Rohe Merritt is a Lamia, a Death Witch, but that doesn’t make her evil. Sure, her and her family need to feed on the magickal essence of others to survive but they adhere to a strict diet of demons, ghouls, and any other foul creature who happens to crawl out of the Shadow World and torture the good people of Talamsgail. The Merritts protect the other members of the magickal community. They’ve done so for generations, even the pretentious Mages who like to subjugate Kali and her family. No one should be pointing their fingers at the Merritts when mutilated bodies start popping up across the Four Territories. So what if they’re all missing their essences? Lamias aren’t the only creatures capable of devouring. Are they?

Get copies of parts 1 & 2 here!

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