Theorie of the Storm

Author: Jane Delaney

500 years ago the Fae vanished without a trace. Now, none can pass the treacherous storms guarding their former home

The Countdown Clock is Ticking

In the city of Dynas Rhydent, all who are born with magic must succumb to the Trials by their 19th birthday. Pass, and you’ll be granted the title of Magi, a rank that brings wealth and privilege. Fail, and your life is no longer your own. An acolyte at the Academy of Arcane Arts, Theorie du’Ambrine’s gift is stunted, and as her birthday draws closer she begins to fear the inevitable—

A Chance Encounter

With his crooked smile and shaggy hair, Kyte is unlike anyone Theorie has ever known, and it isn’t long before she finds herself following the magnetic boy into one of Dynas Rhydent’s most dangerous districts. But what starts as a light-hearted afternoon soon turns into a harrowing nightmare, one that will push both Theorie and Kyte to their very limits as they struggle to survive a betrayal that might cost them everything.

The Last of Them

Taren Val’Cross is the last prince of the Fae. Once, his empire spanned the globe. Now, a curse keeps his people locked behind a magical barrier, making them prisoners in their own home. None can enter nor leave the wards surrounding their islands. Taren has all but given up on freeing his people, until a violent storm washes a young mage onto their shores. A mage who just might have the power to free them. But that power comes at a cost and soon Taren finds himself asking a question: save his kingdom or the woman he loves?

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