Kesha’s Review of “Trusting You & Other Lies” by Nicole Williams

Has anyone every been to summer camp? I’ve experienced a few camps throughout my younger years. Every year not only did I make new friends, but it also taught me many important lessons in life.

In the book Trusting You & Other Lies, it is about a seventeen-year-old girl, named Phoenix. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and realizes that her parents are keeping a huge secret from her and her younger brother. Her family is close with the owner of the camp that they have been to in the past. With everything that they were going through, Phoenix’s parents thought that time away would help them become a closer family again. Not only did Phoenix not want to spend her entire summer at Camp Kismet, but she has to spend it as a camp counselor. She gets to train with a well known counselor, and as much as Phoenix tries to avoid boy crushes, she couldn’t help falling for Callum. Since she is stuck to deal with family issues the whole summer, she focuses her attention on track and getting into college.

Find the book here!

Not only did the author Nicole Williams catch the aspect of what it’s like to be a camp counselor and camper, but also in the eyes of a young teen going through the pressure of college jitters. This book brought back memories of summer fun with family and friends. I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a good summer read.


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