Inspiration Without A Home

Author: Patricia HarrisGet your copy here! A memoir of a half mad poet. Talk of abuse, of rape, and a life lived. Poetry and truth laid out in a loose familiar manor. A tough story of survival.

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Classic Tales

By: Jenny Gardner Lets be honest! Sometimes readers hear "classic literature" and cringe. Many modern readers prefer newer tales, which is perfectly fine. However, what if you are missing out on great literary adventure because you've never read the more obscure amazing picks? These are my top ten classic choices, which may be from authors... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Life: Peaks with Valleys

Author: Sean StevensGet a copy here! A book of poems that takes you through life's never ending pursuit of happiness. Travel is dangerous and darkness is abundant! I leave you with these words.. "Follow me closely, I speak of a time Where knowledge was wonder, love was in eye" PatriotNow - Sean Stevens

Requiem of the Dead

Author: Chasity GainesReleased Date: May 16, 2019Publisher: Hydra Productions Get a copy here! Synopsis: A collection of poems about life, death, and grief. Losing those around us can come as a shock or sometimes we expect it, but processing it is not easy. Through the written word, I have tried to give my take and... Continue Reading →

Shadowed Souls

Author: Christina Korbal Find the book here!Synopsis: This edgy poetry book follows the life and struggles of a woman who has seen a lot in her years. Rhyme weaved with honesty makes this book emotional and provocative. *Trigger Warning: Violent and Sexual Themes You can find the book on Amazon!  

Pieces of Me

Author: Diane Tilley Synopsis: Pieces Of Me is a compelling collection of poetry written by Diane Tilley. Her poetry takes on the different aspects of her life, from her memories of a childhood she had forgotten, to losing her own self-purpose, and learning to make sense of her feelings. Pieces Of Me is Diane's way of... Continue Reading →

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