Requiem of the Dead

Author: Chasity GainesReleased Date: May 16, 2019Publisher: Hydra Productions Get a copy here! Synopsis: A collection of poems about life, death, and grief. Losing those around us can come as a shock or sometimes we expect it, but processing it is not easy. Through the written word, I have tried to give my take and... Continue Reading →

Shadowed Souls

Author: Christina Korbal Find the book here!Synopsis: This edgy poetry book follows the life and struggles of a woman who has seen a lot in her years. Rhyme weaved with honesty makes this book emotional and provocative. *Trigger Warning: Violent and Sexual Themes You can find the book on Amazon!  

Pieces of Me

Author: Diane Tilley Synopsis: Pieces Of Me is a compelling collection of poetry written by Diane Tilley. Her poetry takes on the different aspects of her life, from her memories of a childhood she had forgotten, to losing her own self-purpose, and learning to make sense of her feelings. Pieces Of Me is Diane's way of... Continue Reading →

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