An Odd Anthology: A Book of Oddities

Author: R.C.J. DwaneGet it here! In R.C.J. Dwane's first anthology find yourself emersed in a variety of short stories, poems and satirical pieces. From a spiritual story about a wandering girl with a pizza-loving robot, to a dark horror where a sinister spirit preys on the unwary, you'll thoroughly enjoy the ride!

The Gift of Life: Peaks with Valleys

Author: Sean StevensGet a copy here! A book of poems that takes you through life's never ending pursuit of happiness. Travel is dangerous and darkness is abundant! I leave you with these words.. "Follow me closely, I speak of a time Where knowledge was wonder, love was in eye" PatriotNow - Sean Stevens

Shadowed Souls

Author: Christina Korbal Find the book here!Synopsis: This edgy poetry book follows the life and struggles of a woman who has seen a lot in her years. Rhyme weaved with honesty makes this book emotional and provocative. *Trigger Warning: Violent and Sexual Themes You can find the book on Amazon!  

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