#READShadowhunter Readalong 2.0

By: Cait Marie Hello, hello! It's time to restart my favorite readathon. Let's just jump right in... What is READShadowhunter? READShadowhunter is a readalong created by Stephanie over at Books in the Skye, where a small group of bloggers guide readers through the Shadowhunter world. There are 19 books in this series (after the 2... Continue Reading →

The Death of Neverland

Author: Serena MossgravesGet your copy here! A Unique take on an old faery tale. Does Peter pan tell the whole tale of Neverland? or is there more to it? A dark tale of what may have been the truth of Neverland. Dark acts of Rape and Cannibalism hidden in the history of immortal children and... Continue Reading →

TBR Tuesday: #StayAtHomeReadingRush

By: Cait Marie The Reading Rush is hosting a mini version of their annual readathon this week, and I am using it as an excuse to get caught up! The event lasts from April 16-19. There are fun activities and sprints to participate in on Twitter and Instagram and, of course, the reading prompts. Below... Continue Reading →

Home to Him: A Short Sweet Contemporary Romance

Author: Kendra RobertsGet your copy here! Emma and Gavin were in love. A drunk driver tore their world apart.Can a chance meeting put it back together? Emma had known Gavin her whole life. Falling in love with him—and getting engaged—felt natural. Weeks before the wedding, a drunk driver ripped their best friend Elizabeth from their... Continue Reading →

Let’s Fast Forward to the Good Stuff

Author: GetChrissyGet your copy here! No more waiting around. It’s time to fast forward to the good stuff! Ross is the most impatient person you’ll ever meet. You don’t want to keep him waiting in line too long because things will get ugly, fast! He wants to zoom through life, and tired of all the... Continue Reading →

Life After?

Author: Harper MazeGet your copy here! Will Kayleigh be able to face the consequences of her actions? With no future plans, Kayleigh Summers fought for her dream most of her life. After life-changing surgery, she receives an unexpected offer from a sports entertainment company to become their latest star, which means relocating to America. Within... Continue Reading →

Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie

Author: Serena MossgravesGet your copy here! They are definitely not your average family. They live in a junkyard. They are a big family. Then again, this is not your average zombie apocalypse. When the dead walk, they handle it. Survive first. Figure out why later.

Fae Song

Author: Deonne WilliamsGet your copy here! What would you chance to right the worst wrong? Life and time itself might be forever changed for them both. The dazzling realm of the Fae Royal Court of Heralith awaits them if only she can muster her skills both learned and hidden.  Gwynn is an incredibly talented Bard of Inishmore... Continue Reading →

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