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Enchanted Sacred Garden: Dragon (Book 1)
By Angie Rooker

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Separated from her family at birth, Dragon is forced to build faith in herself as a young Trihorn Snapper struggling to find meaning in the pain of her past. On the cusp of adolescence, Dragon enrolls at Breezewillow Academy for Gifted Learners, an integrated school for magic-folk, in an attempt to find and understand the roots of her identity.

Dragon braves through her first year with the help of unexpected allies and finds out that she shares a shocking connection to her arch nemesis, a tormented drakaina who stops at nothing to make Dragon’s life miserable.

Faced with the ultimate challenge of staying true to herself, Dragon has to find a way to not allow the haunting pain of her past to ripple out and destroy any chance of connecting with others. A surprising turn of events offers Dragon a valuable opportunity to test the depths of her courage and reveals how words and actions always come back full circle.

Woven from aspects of real-life trials that Angie Rooker endured as an adolescent, Enchanted Sacred Garden: Dragon is the first installment of a six-part coming of age series that ties in real life struggles within a whimsical, fairy-tale theme.

Meet the Author:

Branching out from her work as a Creative Living Coach and Reiki Practitioner with Lavender Light Wellness, Angie Rooker established A Dreamer Creations as a major career shift to highlight her creative work in the forefront of her day-to-day.

She focuses on working with mixed media, photography, poetry, and creative writing as a means of expressing her imaginative voice, and enjoys playing with whimsical characters in her work.

Her six-part series, Enchanted Sacred Garden, is in the works and the first installment of this series, Dragon, is already available for purchase. 

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