TBR Tuesday: April/May 2019

By: Cait Marie

Hello, hello! Things are crazy hectic right now, so I apologize for the lack of posts and reviews. However, things are slowing down in other areas of my life, so I’m going to be reading a lot these next couple weeks. It’s a light-ish week of schoolwork, and next week I’m off before the new term starts! Hence, the need for this list.

Here’s what I’m hoping to read by May 6:

Books I want to finish

  • Requiem’s Reach – R.M. Garino
  • The Princess and the Fangirl – Ashley Poston
  • Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare
  • ARC of The F Word – Michelle MacQueen and Ann Maree Craven
  • Queen of Air and Darkness – Cassandra Clare

Books I want to read that I haven’t started (or barely have)

  • ARC of The Living God – Kaytalin Platt
  • Beta Copy of Child of Earth – Lela Grayce
  • Second Star – J.M. Sullivan
  • ARC of Love from A to Z – S.K. Ali
  • Golden Chains – M. Lynn
  • Golden Crown – M. Lynn
  • Illuminae – Amie Kaufman and Jar Kristoff

Phew! That’s a lot of books! It’s an ambitious list, but I’m feeling motivated. Plus, I’m at least halfway through those in the first list, and I know most of the ones in the second won’t take me long if I can stay focused. I should be able to finish up my books for the Magical Readathon this way, too!

Have you read any of these? How are your readathon TBRs going?

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      1. Oh I thought you meant like the actual word arc like the arc of a character… like a story arc.. so I thought it was a book about how the f word changed over time or something. I feel like an idiot.

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